No-Toil Bio Chain Lube

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No-Toil's new Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax is engineered specifically for use on all motorcycle, ATV or ORV chains - whether they be on-road, off-road, standard, o-ring or x-ring. It will keep your chain clean and lubricated under the harshest conditions.

After applying, allow it to dry and the lube will have little to no fling-off and keep your chain rolling smoothly.

Biodegradable solvent carrier helps clean chain and aids delivery of oil to micro-pores in chain

Biodegradable oil penetrates and adheres to metal for an efficient, long lasting lubricant

Biodegradable wax seals in oil and keeps dirt off of your chain

Biodegradable and Non-Toxic product. Will not affect your lungs, liver or immune system like petroleum products can

Environmental savoir faire: Will cause no harm to the environment as you liberally apply it to your chain

No-Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax is 3 products in one!

CLEANS: Solvent carrier cleans your chain every time you use it. (The more you use, the cleaner it will get)

LUBRICATES: Lube-a-dube your chain even down to the micro-pores. Extremely slickery.

PROTECTS: When solvent carrier/cleaner evaporates a thin coating of wax remains keeping the slickery oil on the chain and the dirt out